Putzgrund weiss – white primer - G8105: Kober - washable and decorative paints.

Putzgrund weiss – white primer

Exterior and interior primer, used as an undercoat before applying water-based paints.

Container size : 8.5 l, 15 l, 4 l
Work surface : Masonry
Dispersion medium : Water
Product type : Primer
Estimated consumption : 5-10 m² / l / layer
Type of use : Interior and exterior

Putzgrund weiss – white primer

Primarily used for regulating the absorption capacity of mineral surfaces. This product partially covers the surface, thus reducing the expenditure on paint.

This primer can be tinted using the Kolor Explorer system.


improves the paint’s adhesion to the surface

regulates the absorption capacity of mineral surfaces

significantly reduces the expenditure on paint

easy to apply

quick drying at ambient temperature

doesn’t pollute

used in combination with washable interior and exterior paints.

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