Primer for silicate plasters - G9104: Kober - washable and decorative paints.

Primer for silicate plasters

This primer can be used for potassium silicate and quartz plasters. It was specifically designed to increase the adhesion of silicate plasters to the surface.

Container size : 25 kg
Work surface : Masonry
Dispersion medium : Water
Product type : Primer
Estimated consumption : 2.5-5 m² / kg
Type of use : Exterior

Primer for silicate plasters

We recommend matching the primer to the color of the plastered surface, in order to apply it as a first layer.

Additional advantages:

significantly increases the system’s resistance to external factors;

easy to apply;

quick dry;

eco friendly;

equalizes the absorbing capacity of the surface.

Recommended surfaces: thermal insulation with polystyrene or basalt mineral wool, sand-cement-lime plasters, mortar groups CSII/CSIII, CSIII/CSIV, according to DIN EN 998-1, concrete surfaces, brick masonry and other load-bearing mineral surfaces.

This silicate primer can be applied as such, or 5% diluted.

Its color must match the decorative plaster’s color. In order to adjust its viscosity, if necessary, G9104 can be diluted by a maximum of 10%, using clean, cold water (15-25°C),

Warning! We recommend using the unsealed can as quickly as possible. In case of partial use properly seal the can, to avoid the leftover product being damaged by external factors.


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