Masonry primer - G8109: Kober - washable and decorative paints.

Masonry primer

G8109 is a masonry primer made of styrene-acrylic aqueous emulsion, fillers and special additives.

Container size : 3 l, 5 l
Work surface : Masonry
Dispersion medium : Water
Product type : Primer
Estimated consumption : 18.5-25 m² / l / layer
Type of use : Interior and exterior

Masonry primer

It is used mainly for priming all interior/exterior masonry surfaces, before applying the final coat of KÖBER manufactured, aqueous dispersion products.


  • this product reduces the specific consumption of the paint system’s final coat

  • it fills all the pores and evens the surface, significantly increasing the adhesion properties of the paint system

  • quick dry in regular ambient conditions

  • eco friendly

  • easy to apply

  • this product can be diluted with water, it is non-toxic

  • it contains biocides

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