Zertifikat Silicone

Packing capacity
Specific consumption
Up to 6 -8 m2 / L / layers, function to layer’s thcikness and surface’s roughness
4 hours
in light colors
Recoating period
min. 4 hours
Product code


V7110 professional product is a washable paint for facades, based on silicone resin.
May be tinted using KOLOR EXPLORER automatic system.
Main properties: impermeable to water and very good permeability to water vapors (according to EN 1062), easy to apply and to condition, quick drying time, resistant to dirt and microorganisms, second class for covering capacity according to SREN 13300 :2002/AC/2003 (very good covering capacity for one coat) ; superior resistance to chemical and psyhical agents and weather, non-polluant product.
V7110 product is used for decorative finishing-work of mineral plasters, cement, lime-cement, concrete and old, water based paint, resistant to wear and wash. Must be applied in conditioned on lime plaster, plaster (sample layer) or wood. Do not apply on resins and plastics; layers of lacquer or oil-based coatings, paints, glue, layers of lime, on surfaces below the natural ground or on surfaces where moisture acts under pressure.

Technical and safety data sheets

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