Packing capacity
40KG / 15L / 8.5L / 3L
Specific consumption
Up to 6.5 m2 / L / 2 layers
1 hours
in light colors
Recoating period
min. 30 minutes
Product code


The”Fassade” V8910 is super washable, white, acryl- styrene paint in water dispersion.It can be used as it is, white or it van be tinted with the Kober products.
It is used for finishing the facades and the interior and exterior surfaces that are subject to wear (halls, aules, etc.). It is recommended for all types of masonry surfaces, common plasters, BCA, gypsum boards, gypsum boards, asphalt board, paper. It can also be applied over old, resistant paintjobs. It is not recommended to use them for finishing the pedestals and other facade surfaces that come in direct contact with the soil, prior to ensuring the proper waterproof protection.
► excellent washability (it can withstand more than 5,000 washing and rubbing off cycles)
► higher resistance to the physical, chemical and weather factors
► it allows the wall to breath because the film is permeable for the water vapours ensures breathing of the wall, the film being permeable to water vapor
reduced drying time
► It can be tinted with a a very wide color palette
► non-polluting character
► good resistance rubbbing off (after 3 days from the application)
► easy to apply

Technical and safety data sheets

Technical data sheet Download
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