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The acrylic paint for concrete and asphalt from V8000 series is used on exterior and interior, for the decoration of concrete and asphalt surfaces that are subject to light or normal traffic: platforms, garages, basements, workshops, road marking.

Provided advantages:
– very good adhesion to base;
– good resistance to weathering (UV radiation, rain, snow, fog) and attrition;
– excellent resistance to fuel and lubricant spatter;
– traffic resistance;
– very good coating power;
– intense and pure color;
– fast drying;
– it has skid properties.
Surface preparation: the surfaces to be coated with the product must meet the following conditions: – not to be wet, max. humidity of 2%; – to be cleaned of dust, greases, oils and other impurities; – to be roughly flat.
Application terms: – environment temperature: 5-30 °C; – relative humidity: max. 85%; – base temperature: at least 3 °C higher than the dew point temperature in order to avoid the humidity condensation on the base. The package cover shall be well cleaned so as to avoid foreign bodies penetration in the product’s mass. Before use, the product shall be very well homogenized inside the original package.

Application method:
– with a brush or roller, approx. 5-10% thinned with D850;
– airless spraying, approx. 15% thinned with D850;

Application pressure and nozzle size:
– high pressure spraying: 3.5 bar, nozzle=1.5 mm;
– airless spraying: 160 bar, nozzle=0.279 mm.

Drying time: 30 minutes at 23±2 °C, relative humidity of 50±5% (wet film of 150 µm).
The drying time before use: 12-24 h depending on the temperature.
Specific consumption: approx. 150-240 ml/m2 (depending on the base roughness).
D850 THINNER for paint viscosity correction for asphalt-concrete
Add it in the product to be thinned, following the proportion indicated on its label. Stir the mixture until it is homogenized.

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D850 Thinner

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