Investments, Development, Innovations – The Secret of KOBER Company Success

Consistent in keeping a high level of performance, KOBER Company ranked first in the 17th edition of the German top companies in the category of primary products industry – big enterprises. Although, according to the forecasts, the year 2009 compared to year 2008 has registered a general drop in the Romanian varnish and paint market of about 25~28%, KOBER Company ended the fiscal year 2009 with remarkable financial results, both at county and national level. The KOBER Company was situated on the 1st place in the domain classification, NACE code 2030 – Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics by both the National Private Companies Top 2009 that took place on the 5th of November at the Parliament House, organized by the National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises and the Agency for the Implementation of Projects and Programs for Small and Medium Enterprises.
In order to reduce the crisis effects, in 2009 the company objectives were the continuation of the investment in the Savinesti platform, the thorough analysis of the costs structure with its optimization in the sense of canceling or reducing all collateral costs, unrelated to the company’s business, the development and release of new products. The company remained faithful to the initial established plan and finished, in 2009, the first investment phase in the new factory of varnishes and paints from Savinesti platform targeting the development of the highest potential products, emulsion paint, decorative plasters, wood varnishes, special metal coatings.

As a result of this investment, the company managed to diminish the sales drop in 2009. For the year 2010, KOBER estimates that the business level will be maintained the same as last year`s, the first item on the working agenda being the completion of the investment from Savinesti. It maintained at the estimated parameters, its value reaching about 12 million Euro, and it is almost completed, in the sense that in a very short while (about 2-3 months) the last section provided for working on this platform will be commissioned. Now, the company owns 3 production platforms: Turturesti and Savinesti (varnishes and paints) and Vaduri (thermal power plant). All the 3 platforms have investments in progress for the production capabilities` growth and improvement. For maintaining the sales level, the company released this year the new ZERTIFIKAT product. This is a super-washable paint in dispersion for indoors. ZERTIFIKAT is an innovative product, with antimicrobial proprieties. The special proprieties of the product are guaranteed by the Bayhydrol polyurethane dispersion from Bayer-MaterialScience and the silver ions.
The permanent antimicrobial effect manifests itself within the first hours after application and leads to the destruction of over 99 % of the common microbes present in our rooms in the first 24 hours. The effect of the paint on microbes was tested in laboratories in Japan (Ishizuka laboratory) and Germany (Isega laboratory). Due to its proprieties, the product is especially recommended for children’s room, bedrooms, hospital halls, medical cabinets. In a year with great general pressure generated by the rising of the raw material and primary products cost, the Kober company kept the prices at a reasonable level with a single 4.5 % average increment and the decrease of the profit margin given that the varnish and paint industry is an industry with a relatively low margin of profit (under 10 %).

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